Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Haaay ya'aaalll

I'm boooored.

Did I ever post that I started weight watchers last week? Well I did. The deciding moment came when I realized my co-worker and I polished off a smallish sized crockpot of little smokies in a 7 hour period on super bowl Sunday. Too bad my co-worker is almost 6 ft tall and a skinny guy trying to put ON weight.

So the next morning I went to my first meeting. I did WW once before, I joined when Clara was almost 6 weeks old. In about 4 months I lost 35lbs. I was going to the gym 3 times a week, where as I've not been doing that now. But I hope to get back in to the groove.

My first week I lost 5.6lbs. Like I told someone at work today, 5lbs down, about 100 to go! lol. But I'm 1/20th of the way there. That's positive thinking, right? Or am I right?

Maybe if I can lose a certain amount by a certain time, I can go to Tink's wedding as a present to myself. That'd be fun.

We'll have to see.

My sister gets here in about a month with my nephews. Clara is SO excited to meet Alexandru. She's jealous that William gets to hold him already, and he's younger than her. Check out some super cute pictures and videos here. Go now. He's SUPER cute :0)

So not much else is going on around here. Just trying to get on top of the house cleaning, it'd be nice if Tom helped out more on the days I work 12's, but oh well. I'm glad when he gets something done at all. Note to self, remember to tell Tom good job at taking down the Christmas lights.

Off to grill chicken for dinner--it's in a peachy pineapple sauce from Super Suppers. Really yummy!


Susan's 365 said...

Hooray for the weightloss. Keep it up girlfriend!

geenalyn said...

good for you for doing WW again, i need to climb back on that horse myself...

Mary said...

Geena you totally should do it with me. come on, pretty please? we could rock the casbah!

Kimmykay said...

I'm rooting for you. I'm down 10 lbs. Really need to loose 20-30 more to be OK. sigh.

Di said...

Good for you. Wish I had will power. Do you know where I can get some?


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