Thursday, January 24, 2008


My apologies for being a world class slacker. I suck, I know.

Not much to say today other than I've been freezing my ass off. Our furnace isn't working properly. It'll only go on for 1 cycle then shut off, so you have to keep getting up to lower the temp, then re-raise it. PITA. Luckily I have 2 little space heaters from my parents that I can use during the day when I'm being lazy and not wanting to get up and down and up and down :-)

I found a couch that I want and it's only $800. But we don't have $800 right now. I could swing almost 2/3's of it, but I don' want to charge any of it. Makes me sad :-( I did get a floor lamp for the living room, so that made me a little happy. Now if only I could find a couch that we can afford....

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