Thursday, January 24, 2008


So I just called comcast to change our service around and ended up talking to the call center chick for 37 minutes. Only about 10-15 of that was about cable services. The majority was about what TV shows we like to watch and Disneyland. Awesome, eh? I even got her to "break" a rule--she told me where she lives (only up in Beaverton, OR).

Also I'm debating starting to blog in Persian. Any input?


mamatulip said...


Mary said...

yeah it's one of the new languages that blogger offers for you to blog in. Arabic too. ;)

geenalyn said...

ditto Persian??

sounds like you had a nice phonecall with the call centre lady...always nice when you get someone friendly

Chelle Y. said...

Cool. How do you do that? Do you know Persian?


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