Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Eve Eve

Today we went to Tom's family's Christmas gathering part I.  There wasn't going to be II parts to it, but since we ended up celebrating on the 23rd with the extended-extended family, they couldn't forgo the normal extended family gathering on the 24th.  So that'll happen tomorrow sans me and the far removed relatives.  Clear as mud?  good.

So the noteworthy thing about our gathering today was the location.  Tom's dad's cousin is married to a dentist who also happens to be a big hunter (well both husband and wife are).  They have converted this old barn in to a conservation museum.  Apparently it was decided that would make the perfect Christmas gathering location.

I am very disappointed that they do not have a website.  Only here could you enjoy conversation in the shadow of a fucking HUGE elephant head.  Or sit and eat while being surrounded by a herd of big horn sheep, a Timon and Pumba of lion king fame, a huge moose, and 1/2 a giraffe.  It was crazy.

I thought the kids would be freaked out--we've never made the trek up to see the place, other than when we had a family reunion there when Jacob was less than a month old.  But no they had no problem, and kept trying to feel the animals eyes and whatnot.  Jake was a little shocked that they had all be alive at one point, but whatever ;-)

I was a little disappointed that they didn't have Santa hats for all the animals, and Tom thinks it would have been awesome to install some killer animatronics, but oh well.

Sadly, I can't post any pictures since the craptop will still not connect to the Wifi and Tom hasn't had a chance to fix it.  Use your imagination.


ALLISON said...

That sounds awesome, Mary! And I want you to know that the bear in our living room has been wearing a Santa hat for a month now. :)

Chelle Y. said...

It sounds like you had a nice time. The idea of Allison having a bear in her living room makes me laugh. She sure does not live in the Bay Area. We live in a place where the deer come to you and say, "hi." Haha!

Cannot wait to hear about your Christmas!


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