Friday, August 03, 2007

So very very odd....

Me: please get your hands out of my arm pit
Clara: but I'm pimpling (no clue where she got that or what it means) your chubbiness
Me: please stop touching my arm pit
Clara: but it's so squishy and made out of gold!
Me: Gold is not squishy
Clara: I mean chocolate, it's made out of chocolate so I can eat you up!

I have no idea where she comes up with this shit, but it's funny. She is obsessed with my stomach and my flabby upper arms. Atleast she's moving away from being so obsessed with my rack...sigh.

Oh we finally met one of our neighbors. Turns out she works at the local hospital (which I do not work at) but we know quite a few of the same people as she is works in admitting in the imaging department. Small world.

I gave up going to a going away party tonight so I didn't have to listen to Tom bitch. We couldn't find a babysitter, so I was going to go alone, but we've not spent much time together lately so he was sulking. So what did he decide to do? Go to the driving range. Go figure... ;)

About the above, I don't even care because I'm sitting here eating pb crackers with c-bear and listening to Jake play Franklin on his DS. We don't need no stinkin dad to have fun.

Jake and Clara, along with Margo, went to soccer camp (or Jesus camp as my brother named it) at my dads church. It was supposed to be for kindergarten age and up, but they let Clara tag along too because the music program would suck ass if not for me dad, so they owe him ;) Today was the BBQ and big game. It was really cute, Jake did SO well, and the only time he cried was when he wasn't choosen as one of the players of the day. But he got over it after a little bit. Clara didn't want to play in the game, she just wanted to sit with me, so that was fine.

Sarah and William get here from DC on Monday. They are staying at our house and got one way tickets... I think they'll end up being here about 10 days unless it looks like things are really going poorly with Gina.

About Gina, she doesn't seem that much "worse" now than when she was here in April. It's odd. And in less than 3 weeks the 2 month *guess* the doctor had given on her time with us will be up. I feel very confident that Gina will still be alive and bitching (hehehe) in 3 weeks.

So that's about it. If I didn't answer any of your burning questions, feel free to ask them. I have been majorly slacking when it comes to posting. It's all the damn internet nazi's at my new job....

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Chelle Y. said...

I am wondering if many churches had the same idea this year. My church just had VBS two weeks ago, but it had a Soccer Theme. They actually had soccer camp that week too.

Sounds like you're busy!


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