Tuesday, August 28, 2007


  • my feet hurt. i got new shoes and they are good for working out in, but not so good for wearing for a 10 hour shift
  • work was FAR too busy tonight. i wanted to scream. i decided i am going to start asking my patients "so what has changed that has made this 6 hour/6 day/2 months issue an emergency?"
  • i think 90% of the people in america have no idea what emergency means. it does NOT mean having a sore throat for 1 day. it does NOT mean throwing up 2 or 3 times. it does NOT mean deciding you want your back looked at which has been hurting you for a month. it also does NOT mean coming to the ED after your Dr has seen you and decided you are okay.
  • if you are wondering, it does mean you have an obviously broken bone. or you were in a car accident and you really can't move something. or you got shot. those are emergencies.
  • can you tell tonight was terrific?
  • the concert that I didn't get to go to was fun I hear. Richard, Cara, Gina and Claire all went and saw Modest Mouse.
  • due to Gina being wheel chair bound and Richard wearing a walking boot, they all got to sit in the wheelchair section. Alone. with chairs that had a view in a totally GA concert where you sit on the grass. bastards.
  • Gina is doing okay. still eating small amounts even though she really shouldn't be eating. she's not digesting the food, it's just sitting and rotting in her stomach.
  • she is getting fluid drawn off via a huge needle and ultrasound. think amniocentesis. tho you can call it periocentesis (I think its from her pertitonium, but I didn't hear officially).
  • nighty night.


Chelle Y. said...

I guess that is one of the benefits of being handicapped in my own scooter. I do get a discount to places and most of the time good seats too. Although, I'd rather be able to walk. :)

Tink said...

Alright nurse Mary. I have a medical question for you. I just started taking Chantix to help me quit smoking. One of the possible side effects is a flair up of pain from old injuries. The day after I started taking it I had a sharp and constant pain in my collar bone. I started feeling around and the dang thing feels like it has a small break in it. Hoop and I think it's an old injury that's hurting because of the meds. So my question to you is, how bad does a fresh break hurt? I would KNOW if this were a recent injury right?

Mary said...

tink- you'd think you'd know about breaking a bone, esp your collar bone. It's not a common site of stress fractures that develope over time like in your feet or spine...it might be worth it to check it out, but since you did break it before, it could just be the muscles/bone reacting to the meds. which I hav eno idea how that works, but if its a listed side effect, then it's magic :)

chelle-yeah there are benefits like you said, but I'm sure walking is much better. Gina said she just wants to be able to get around the house, she's struggeling with that even now...


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