Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Well I should have just sneezed and let the food fly, I was just at home by myself and the dog would have been the only victim, and she would have been happy to eat sneezed out chicken. haha.

Work has been really busy this week. Last night sucked ass. I hate it when ER doctors decide a patient who walked in needs practically full body x-rays from a car accident that occured 5 hours previously. And they are put in a c-collar. Seriously. Stupid.

Oh and then get angry because the above patient took about 90 minutes to complete (which includes 10 minutes waiting for the nurse to come undress the patient since she was fully clothed, and about 40 minutes waiting to hear if her neck was clear and have her collar taken off so I could finish the exam). But it was MY fault it took so long. Stupid heads. If it had been a normally prepped patient, it would have taken me about 30 minutes tops. Oh well.

  • Today is my last day at the hospital until Monday. Tomorrow and Friday I work at the clinic so shorter days and I'm home by 6. Very nice :)
  • Friday Margo gets here from England with her dad. I think Gina is excited to see her again.
  • Friday night I'm going out with some girlfriends from a local moms group. It should be fun. Don't worry, I'm planning on catching a ride so there will be no DD happening
  • Saturday and Sunday is a rummage sale at the kids school. We also have a birthday party to go to on Saturday and I need to get as much done out at the old house as possible. So even though I have 2 days off, I'll be busy.
  • I miss Tom and the kids. Atleast I see the kids for an hour in the morning before school, I don't see Tom at all :-( I'd have them come out for dinner tonight, but if its like yesterday, I won't be able to get away to eat.
  • Somehow I screwed up money stuff. I haven't overdrawn my account yet, and I don't think I will, but I'm going to have to drive out to the hospital on Friday night to get my paycheck if the direct deposit still hasn't kicked in. I can't wait for Monday. Atleast Tom gets paid on Friday as well, but we have our first huge ass house payment to make. Eeek.
Well off to work now, wish me luck :)

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Cat Herder said...

You need some down time, girlfriend. Oy vey!


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