Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wahoo we're famous

Or has a headline story regarding the coffee stand in wonderful Salem, OR that now has its barista's wear bikinis. That's how my town gets on the map.....I seriously can't believe it made the national news..... local newspaper link that started it all....

Things have been really hectic this week, I started working at the clinic on Monday. It is SOOOOO different than any of the hospitals I've worked at. They use film instead of CR, so it's all old school. You have to pull/make/file jackets, stamp your film, process it in the darkroom, file reports, just all of this extra "stuff" that I'm not used to at all. But I think I'm doing okay.

Yesterday (day 2) a little old lady called me back in to the dressing room just to ask my name, then she asked for my address to send me a thank you note. It totally caught me off guard, and now my supervisor has repeated the story a good 3-4 times that I'm aware of...

Tomorrow I'm heading up to Portland for a 5 day mammography class. I'll drive back home tomorrow night, but then I'll be staying up there Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. It's $$$ but then I'm not driving close to 3 hours a day plus putting a total of 500 miles on the car. Instead I just get to drive a total of 200 miles and about 4 hours.

Thanks for all the comments on my mothers day post. I was just missing my munchkins. The day was fine, just so slow so it made me feel like I was wasting my time. The nachos, and the cake especially were yummy :)

Hope everyone had a good wednesday!

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Chelle said...

Wow, a thank you card? You must be one kind technican. We need more people like you!


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