Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

A perfect Mother's Day would involve:
  • sleeping while dad gets up with the kids, gets breakfast ready
  • a nice hot shower with time to fully bathe without being interrupted
  • going to a park with enough drinks and snack and toys to get 2 kids very worn out
  • alone time with the father while said kids take a nap/rest
  • a dinner that someone else takes care of entirely so I can sit and chat with the kids
  • someone else magically cleaned the entire house while we were out and about
  • cuddle time on the couch while reading books and getting ready for bed
  • a couple of hours to have me time, reading, scrapbooking, playing puzzle games, whatever

What my Mother's Day inovles:

  • "slept in" until 8am after going to sleep at 1am
  • taking a shower, being joined by miss Clara 1/2 way thru
  • left to go to work
  • sat here at work, take a few x-rays
  • ate nachos and yummy cake
  • sat here some more, x-ray another person or two
  • drive home from work, get home an hour before bedtime
  • try to get lunches and outfits figured out for tomorrow
  • eat crap out of the fridge
  • watch tv

It could be worse, right?

I miss my kiddos right now.


geenalyn said...

awww I'm sorry you had to spend your Mother's Day working. My day didn't start off that great, but it ended well with lots of hugs and kisses from the kiddos

Di said...

Funny. My mother's Day NEVER lives up to its expectations. Why is that?

Tink said...

At least you got Nachos and Cake! Mmmm. Hopefully not together.

Di: Because of the Fathers.

Kimmykay said...

I know that sucked but I love reading about you doing X-rays. I know you have worked hard to get where you are and all this extra work will pay off.

Happy late moms day.

Chelle said...

Nachos are good! Cake, too!

Hopefully, you'll get your dream Mother's Day some time soon! Hey, who said it had to actually be on that day!?!


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