Friday, April 06, 2007

Q's from Agent M

If time and money were not an issue, what organization (charitable or otherwise) would you pour your heart and soul into?

***Probably cancer awareness or research. As far as hobbies go, scrapbooking ;) Oooh or exercise. That'd be a good one.

You are in a time machine, set to go back to December 2000. You're going to dinner with yourself, a couple of months pregnant with your first child. What advice would you give that Mary?

***love the time you have with your little ones, while they are still little. They grow up so fast.

Do you have a memory that you pull out of your heart on rainy days to cheer you? What it is?

***not really. At night when Clara has fallen asleep in our bed, and she's laying there I think about how much both kids have grown. Even thought Jake isn't there, that's just a nother huge reminder that he's getting so big. Sniff. Makes me sad too, but happy as well

What would the title of your autobiography be?

***Who's Got Two Thumbs and Never Shuts Up? The cover would be a picture of me pointing at myself ;) hehehe

What is your favorite possession - besides wedding rings and baby books and stuff like that? A possession that you don't need, but just really dig?

***The computer? Tivo? Probably something like that. The things that treasure the most are the scrapbooks which fall in to baby books I think...

Thanks for asking me Q's Agent M, they were great!

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