Tuesday, April 24, 2007

"Does it smell like updog in there?"

"What's up dog?"
"not much what's up with you?"

Not nearly as funny if you don't happen to be on a tv comedy like the Office.........

Uh yeah, so not much going on. I only work Monday, Wednesday, and Friday this week so today is a non-work day. I spent 1.25 hours and $200 at Target this AM. (okay I returned $50 worth of stuff first, and had a $25 gift card to use, so not AS bad....). Then I came home and sat around. I did some laundry, tried to get in to my book Snow, then started watching a show on the Miami Drug Cartel. I love National Geographic HDTV. There is ALWAYS something good to watch...

Some of what I bought at Target:
  • 4 books: the Kite Runner, the Deabutante Divorees, Wish You Well, Rise and Shine (freaking $50 right here....sheesh)
  • method stuff on sale
  • huge bag of dog food
  • shorts, sweater set on clearance, t-shirt on clearance
  • batting helmet for Jake, I don't want him to get lice from using the team ones
  • 6 mini pots with seeds to do tomatoes, sunflowers, daisys, mumms, basil, and thyme (or something like that, I don't remember the exact ones.....)
  • a mat to put the dog food and water on
  • toothpaste that promises to strengthen enamel, new electric TB's for the kids, princess toothpaste for my princess
I can't remember what else. Does that look like $200 worth of crap? Don't tell Tom, okay? I'm not supposed to buy anything until AFTER we move.....

I think we are going to have a free sale after we move. I just want to leave all the crap here, then the weekend after we move advertise on craigslist and/or freecycle, then have people come get our shit. If that doesn't work, I'll just donate it all to goodwill or something like that...

I'm glad I wasn't set on having Jacob go to this certian private school that we had talked about. Apparently they had TWO first grade spots open. The rest were all kids who did kindy there or had older siblings. I don't even think the "I work for Dr T who loves me, who's wife is in charge of the PTA, please give me a spot plus financial aid" would have worked....I am VERY satisfied with the public school he'll be going to next year.

So even if I wanted to apply for some of these jobs I see available (none of them good for us, but full time jobs none the less....), I pretty much can't. I'm committed to that temporary clinic job until the end of July. So unless I could find someone to work that for me, I would feel too shitty leaving them without someone. I don't need to be burning bridges yet...

I did find out that one of the hospitals in Portland will pay $6000 in student loans plus moving cost and a bonus to work there. They have 2 full time positions open right now. Shit hours, either 11am-730pm M-F or 1pm-930pm M-F. They are desperate.

I am *this* close to telling Tom we should say fuck the house, and move to Portland. He has a job offer up there that would be a side step career-wise, but would pay about 20% more, and at a much bigger dealership with room for advancement.

But even with me getting a full time job, and Tom getting a raise, we still wouldn't be able to afford a house in a neighborhood we liked in Portland. Sad, eh?

Was this spastic enough for you? I covered most topics currently on my mind....

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Di said...

ha ha. Okay, I TOTALLY understand about Target. I can buy nothing and spend a lot there! The home prices are crazy. The bigger the city the bigger the payment! Do you want to work full time? You need to relax some girl. School and work not to mention a mom is hard! Take some time!


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