Sunday, January 28, 2007

What the??

To clarify, Clara always says "What the??" instead of what the heck ect. I tried to explain even though they aren't bad words per say, they come across that way. She either doesn't get it, or likes to be a stinker ;)

I can't believe it's almost February. Unbelievable. Time is flying by. Only 6 weeks left of work then I'm done. YAY! Then I'll get paid. Sorry if that seems to be a sticking point, but I know I will be so much less bitter once I'm paid to put up with the bullshit. I read some other blogs by fellow RT students, and the sites they are at seem so foreign compared to mine. It might have to do with size, or maybe location, or probably just the mix of people and the length of time we spend at one site. When I graduate, I will have been there for 11 months.

Last week was pretty tough at work. I missed one day because Jake was sick and Tom couldn't stay home. The other 4 days we were fairly busy, and since I was the only student (since we're down 1 and the other is over in CT for a month), I had to do everything. To a degree, that's how it should be. But when I am the ONLY one doing anything, and staying really busy, while the other are just sitting there, it sucks. It's disheartening. And if it doesn't change once I'm not a student, then I won't stay. Just not cool.

Um what else. Not too much going on, other than hanging in there while everyone has colds. So fun. Snot snot snot everywhere. The kids are in the tub right now, and hopefully the warm water and steam will help clear their heads up.

Hope everyone has a good week! Thanks for commenting on our pics. I too am in shock at how big my kiddos have gotten. Holy shit they turn 4 and 6 this year. CRAZY.

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Tink said...

My brothers do the "What the..." too. What's implied is always worse than what they would have said.

*Sigh* February already. Guess it's not a NEW year anymore eh?


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