Wednesday, December 27, 2006

la de da

Not much going on round these parts. Mainly why I haven't updated at all. I'm just boring ;)

I hope everyone had a good Christmas! Ours was good :) I got off work at 8pm Saturday night, and the kids were already at my parents house to sleep over. Sunday AM I picked them up and we did our last minute shopping (mainly for Tom). We went to Tom's aunt and uncles house for Christmas Eve. The kids had alot of fun playing with their cousins, and Santa stopped by for a visit. We didn't get home until almost midnight. Luckily both kids conked out in the car, and I had wrapped almost all the presents the night before while the kids were with my parents.

Christmas morning the kids were overwhelmed with gifts. We didn't do "big" presents this year, but the small to medium sized ones seemed to multiply over night. We went to my parents house for a brunch of biscuits and gravy, then spent all day there. The kids got even MORE stuff. Luckily no one went over board on the toys, esp the noisy electronic ones. Jake got a ready bed and a batcave inflatable bed thing. He said he would share with Clara ;) Clara got a princess suitcase, and lots of my little ponies and my littlest pet shop things. Luckily all were small, and none make noise.

Tom and I mainly got money or gift cards which was great. I wasn't sure how we were going to get a couple of bills paid this week that HAD to be paid. I'm not sure when I'll get paid for last week, I think next Tuesday. If I could just pick up some hours every paycheck, it could really help. Who knows if that will happen or not, especially because the other student can apply for his temporary license now, so the hours will be split between both of us.

We had some drama happen a couple of weeks ago stemming from a Christmas party. I don't think I posted about it here, but basically one of the students I work with did or did not receive a BJ from someone at a party. He claims it most certainly did not happen, but "someone" saw it, and then all hell broke loose. I can't go in to too many details here, but basically I don't have to worry about him as far as competition for a job goes. Even though he got his temp. license as well, the hospital now won't employ him. I see both sides of the story, but I tend to believe him that nothing happened, in which case he's get screwed for not getting any.......

I'm still hoping to get a job at the hospital I'm at. They've made some changes in the last couple of months that really fall in my favor, but I don't know if they are willing to wait another 2.5-3 months until I'm done with my clinical hours, or if they want to hire someone NOW. I really hope they wait. Even though the job isn't posted anymore, there is currently at 25 hour a week day shift job open w/benefits. It could be my foot in the door, and I'd most certainly be able to pick up extra hours from sick people/vacation ect. So fingers crossed that this spot will work out, and they can wait for me.

Gina is doing well in England. She started chemo again 2 weeks ago. She'll have it again next week, then 3 weeks after that. Hopefully that will give her a low CA-125 number, and no visible tumors. Then she can rest up for a few weeks and come out for a visit! I'm jealous because my brother is leaving on 1/6 to visit her for a couple of weeks. I really wish there was a way I could do that as well, but because she isn't critical, at this point it would only set back my graduation until I could finish my hours, so making it even longer before I could be gainfully employed. She understands, but I still feel a little guilty about thinking about myself first.

Well that's about it for newsy type stuff. I'm off until the 2nd, so I'm trying not to waste too much time. The kids went to school today, so I got a little cleaning done, but also some lazing around...Tomorrow Jake is going to a friends house for a few hours while Clara and I do some returns and go to the scrapbook store. Friday Clara and I are going to have lunch with the girls in Tom's family up at a ritzy golf club in Portland. It has a dress code. Wish my luck. This weekend we're taking it easy, then heading up to Portland to stay over at our friends house, while the kiddos spend the night with grammy and papa. I went to the liquor store today and got malibu 151, so co 100, and citron. I forgot to get tequila for margaritas, but I still have til Sunday to get that done :)


Tink said...

Whenever I'm feeling blue I'm going to remember the dude who got screwed for NOT getting screwed. That's got to be some awful luck. Sheesh.

Chelle Y. said...

Cute picture of the kids! :) They are adorable!


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