Friday, November 17, 2006

My week

It was pretty good.

  • I worked 8-430, so it was nice being home for dinner each nice.
  • Because I worked the early shift, I was the lone student until 1pm. That means for stuff for me to do! YAY!
  • We got to do some fun stuff, and also some really hard stuff. As in not fun.
  • One day I got to take a newly hired tech down to surgery. We did 4 surgeries, and I just did them all myself. It's hard to explain my feeling on this, but it was like being forced to do something with out a safety net. Sure the tech I was working with has plenty of experience, but he was being oriented to our hospital, so it was my job to teach him. It went well, though 1 surgery was a bit hairy at points. The Dr running that surgery wants things done 10 minutes ago, and I wasn't perfect. He didn't yell at me, or throw anything at ME, or say he never wanted me in his OR again, so I'm good ;)
  • The kids had conferences today. They are both doing REALLY well.
  • Turns out Jake is the first student Miss Tiffany has taught to read (this is her first year teaching--the last 4 years she was an assistant teacher). The only work books he is doing are the ones the school district kindy program uses. He's doing well with both.
  • Clara is doing really well both socially and academically. She's very "huggy" but we already knew that ;) She only knew 3 sounds at the start of the year, all uppercase letters. Now she knows about 15 sounds, all lowercase. They don't teach uppercase sounds at this level.
  • Turns out the daughter of the principle of the school we are looking in to sending Jake to next year, goes to the school. Also turns out we need to apply NOW for both admission and tuition assistance. I'll be making calls next week.
  • Got to go out with some friends tonight. We went to 2 different bars. The first one we were all younger. It was more of a 40's and up crowd. The second one we were the old ones. We had fun just dancing and being superfly. Decided we need to do this once a month or more.
Well time for bed. Tom is bike riding in the AM, so I gotta get up with the kiddos.


Chelle Y. said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Mary!

Hey, Guess What!?! I finally am caught up with my Scrapbooking! Now, I can enjoy Thanksgiving, take lots of pictures, and start all over again! This time I will do it right away, so I do not have to spend two straight days working my butt off! I kept thinking, "too bad Mary is not here doing this with me!" :)

Mary said...

I'm jealous that you're all caught up, want me to send some of my pics down?!?

Chelle Y. said...



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