Sunday, October 08, 2006


There used to be a company in Salem named that. The family name was Morrow (anyone remember the old Morrow snowboards? Same family. Also have the Morrow Cranes company). It was something to do with shipping. They sold out to UPS when the developed this new technology, the electronic clipboard dealy bob. Anyways...

Tomorrow. I gotta get the kids to school by 9, then my dad is calling so I can tell him which bills need to be paid, so he can get checks mailed. From England. Almost seems like a waste, though sometimes Airmail is fairly speedy. I have a practice phone interview with my teacher at 11am. I'm nervous about that. Then at 130pm I have a practice interview with the director of imaging from my hospital. Except she oversees 2 hospitals, and she's at the other one tomorrow. I don't even know where the x-ray department is there, let alone her office. I best be getting there early ;)

Then I work til 930. So atleast my at work day will be short. I figure I'll get there around 230pm or so. The only downside to this week is I'm working with my clinical instructor, who normally works 7am-330pm. he's the one who said we aren't supposed to mess around on the computer. I have no idea what I'm going to do for 7 hours if I can't be on the computer. That's all night shift does, play on the computer or watch TV...

For some odd reason I started cross stitching again. I don't think I'll get in to it full blown again, just finish up the 2 or 3 projects I had started and not finished. Give me something to do while I watch TV. Maybe I'll take it to work with me! hehehe.

Well I'm off to bed. My birthday was okay. Tom didn't get me anything, Clara mad me a card. He said he'll get me what ever I want, but I didn't tell him anything. I don't really care, I just wish he would have taken the kids shopping or something. This morning when we picked them up, my friend had said she had to convince the kids it was my birthday, they didn't believe her. Oh well ;) Life goes on. I'm now a whopping 26 yrs old. Sigh.


Pink Rocket said...

i totally suck now! happy belated birthday! i feel so bad for missing it! hopefully all goes well today!

Chelle Y. said...

Happy Birthday! I cannot believe your husband did not do anything for you, or at least get something for you from the kids. That was one of the things Mike was good at doing.

I hope your birthday was good. You're still a "baby!" LOL!


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