Thursday, October 12, 2006

The end is in sight.

Okay it's really still 5 months away, but I gotta stay positive, right?!?!? As of last night I still have 3 comps to do. A C-arm procedure (surgery), sinuses, and 1 elective.

I was able to go down on 2 surgeries yesterday, both gallbladder/pancreas things. The first took about 20 minutes, and I did it all myself, and the second took about 45, and after being told a better place to stand so I could see the scope monitor and our monitor, did it all myself. The surgeon said I did a fine job ;) So did my clinical instructor. So that made me happy. I might get to go down on a hip today.

I feel ALMOST ready to comp a procedure. I just have to stay calm while I'm down there, and not get flustered if I move the wrong way, or press the wrong button. It's easy to do, and everyone makes little mistakes. It's being able to recover quickly and keep truckin'.

As soon as I finish those comps, I can apply for my temporary license. Stacy said she generally allows us to apply 12/01 if we are done with our comps, and she and George feel we're ready. But I know my site REALLY wants us to get the permits, because they are short staffed for time off requests/sick days ect. And I'm all for picking up extra hours however I can....Money would really be helpful right now....

I just spent about an hour at the school with Jake and Clara. It was pretty much organized chaos. I'm not sure if every day is like that, or maybe because I was there, it kind of threw the kids off, but geezus. There's a very good reason I'm not a teacher ;)

It was nice to see the one on one attention each kid gets, but also eye opening to see that sometimes, you just have to wait for help. Jake and Clara are both fairly independent, so I think they will do just fine in that enviornment.

I finally got my financial aid check, so I can make the house payment today, and I also paid the school because my grandma not only forgot my birthday, she forgot to send the money. But she was going to, so really we're still tight for money, we just won't have our house foreclosed on.....

So that's all that's going on, other than I'm watching WAY too much TV these days....I've already cut out a few shows that I started liking, and enjoying, but I just can't spend that much time watching TV. So right now I'm sticking with DHW's, Amazing Race, Without a Trace, Prison Break, What about Brian, CSI Miami, Justice, House, Boston Legal, Jericho, Lost, The Nine, CSI NY, CSI, Survivor, Las Vegas, Gray's, the Office. I think that's all. And it scares me to see that list. Which is about 10 shows shorter than my anticipated watch list. Oops I forgot Project Runway and Top Chef. And 6 feet under. But that I only watch on Bravo when nothing is on...

THANK GOD for DVR and the ability to fast forward thru shows to make them 42 minutes instead of 60.


paradise.found said...


It's so cool that you're almost ready start making money. I have that objective in mind for my self this summer. But I'm also trying to enjoy every minute of the experience of being an RT student.

I like my DVR too, although it does appear that we're watching more TV than ever before. ;-)

Mary said...

I know what you mean about enjoying being a student. Right now I can ask for help on ANY exam I do, even if it's just a chest or hand or something easy. I like having Dr's explain stuff to me during surgery, or almost expecting me to screw up, then being happy when I don't.

As far as more TV goes, we watch ALOT more TV now than pre-DVR...I had never been a taper or anything.


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