Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Tuesday was better than Monday work-wise. Well busier. Not really better.

We had a 4.5 yr old boy who was hit by a car. Thank God it was nothing serious, and witnesses said he was RUN OVER by the car. Apparently he was crossing a driveway with his sisters, and the driver didn't see him. And didn't see that he hit him. It took almost 2 blocks before he realized there were 3 or 4 cars/people trying to flag him down and stop.

He did awesome though, even gave me a high five after he held especially still for one of the shots. He was also impressed with the sponge bob stickers we had, but little else. It was one of those cases where the dad brought him in, but it was not normal in that the dad kept tearing up. That never happens. Let me tell you it's HARD to not let it get to you when an adult male is crying about his little buddy.

I'm HAPPY because some things fell in to place, and we can get the surgery lined up for Jakey's ears. Fingers crossed I can get something scheduled for next week. That would be perfect, and Jake wouldn't have to miss any school. I work afternoons next week, and Amanda could come babysit in the afternoons.

The only downside to next week would be him missing his last week of school at the daycare. So maybe next week isn't the best bet. ARG. Too much to try to figure out right now.

Atleast for one in recent times, we're not stressing about money. That's a small mircle. But by the end of the week we WILL be grumbling about s-e-x due to my wacky schedule and Tom letting Clara fall asleep in our bed.


Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

Hope it works out for Jake. I can't imagine working on kids like that, Mary. You rock!

Susan said...

Hope you're able to get things scheduled for Jake. Is it tubes? First time?

Chelle Y. said...

Yeah, Mary, God has given you a great gift. I do not have the patience or heart for that. I probably would lose it too if a daddy would start crying about his buddy.

Mary said...

Thanks Kim :) I'd like to think that I'm getting 'good' at helping kids, but I know its going to be awhile before I'm really confident. We have fun playing Simon Says, or I stick a sticker where I want them to look ect. the hard part is if they are so upset you can't get their attention, and then you have to hold them in place. That's hard.

Susan-Jake is getting his tonsils and adnoids out, plus possibily tubes in his left ear. They'll evaulate that again right before hand.

Chelle- Like I said to Kim, I feel like this has been an acomplishment. I wasn't sure if it was something I'd be able to do, but it's getting easier. Practice really does help!

Susan said...

Good luck and please keep usposted on when he goes and how he does.


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