Thursday, August 24, 2006

la de da

I'm bored. And my tummy hurts :( Here's a picture of the 2 students I work with. AJ, me and Mike.

I drank too much Rip it energy drink today. I really like it. And I think I annoyed a certain Dr. A Dr I have a teensy little crush on. Oh well. I just have more fun when he's there because he jokes around, is easy to make fun of, and cute in a dorky way. Is it bad that I look forward to the days he's there? I would post a picture of him here, but you guys would laugh at what a big dork he is....

I'm tired. so I'm going to try to go to sleep. YAWN.


Chelle Y. said...

Ah, post a picture, Mary! :)

Hey, that one on the left could X-ray me anytime too! Just kidding!

You all look cute, especially you! You're a doll!

Tink said...

Yay! I love pictures. I think all three of you are pretty smokin'. Is that a requirement to work there? hehe

Pink Rocket said...

i'm with chelle...i need an xray STAT from the one on the left...that means naked right?? him, not me, of course!

Mary said...

Well I told AJ you all think he's hot. He got all embarressed. hehehe. He's only 21 and has halle berry pics on his myspace page if that tells you anything...and mike on the right is actually 44 and has a 20 yr old son.


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