Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Late shift

Sometimes working the early swing shift is good. We get lots of interesting cases and time flies by. Other times it's like tonight was. I think I took 4 chest x-rays, a wrist x-ray, helped with a CT, and stood around in surgery for 30 mins. That's all. In 8 hours. Ugh. It was draining.

It did leave plenty of time to do sudoku puzzles, read (currently Middlesex--I'm loving this book, thanks for the recommendation Kath!), and eat crap. It was also freezing cold in our department tonight, so 3 seperate times I went to the ER to steal blankets from the warmer. There is nothing better than being wrapped in a toasty warm blanket and eating a brownie I say.

I'm worried about my sister. She's still in pain, she's having stomach issues, her hair is falling out, and she's depressed. I wish I could be there for her right now. Instead of family she has her 6 yrs younger than me girlfriend there, who has only known her for a couple of years.

To make it easier on me, I am only thinking in positive terms.
  • The chemo is going to work. When they do a CT in a month, the tumor will have shrunk considerably.
  • They will do surgery on her, either there in England, or she'll fly out here for it.
  • Regardless of where they do the surgery, she'll be out for a visit sometime this fall.
  • In 6 months she'll be in remission and doing well.
That timeline is possible, and some might say its far-fetched, but I believe that is what is going to happen. I can't believe anything differently, because if I even think about it (like now) I start to get tense, my stomach hurts, and I cry. Atleast I can talk about this without getting upset now.

I want to send her something, but I'm not sure what. I've sent over a few thinking of you cards, but I want to send a book or gift basket or something. The only thing she told me she wants/needs is this clinique makeup remover, but I can't mail it because it contains alcohol. I dont' want to chance it right now, with the whole hyper-aware security going on over there. Any ideas???


Kim: The Mom, The Myth said...

Send her something to do while she's sitting having the chemo. My dad used to like watching movies on a portable DVD player. But she might start a new hobby (knitting or cross stitch or something) or listening to books on tape or something like that. Those hours are long.


mama_tulip said...

Maybe Beth could put together a special basket for you -- I'll bet she'd have a few good ideas. Kim's idea of books on tape is a great one...that way your sister can just lie back and closer her eyes and listen.

I'm thinking of her, and of you and your family, every day.

I'm really glad you're liking Middlesex. It's the first book I've read in a long time that I couldn't stop thinking about when I wasn't reading it. :)

Susan said...

I like the idea of books on tape. I too was thinking a gift basket of some sort.

Hugs all around.

Chelle Y. said...

(((Mar))) I am still praying and hoping for you and your sister too!

Mary said...

Okay so my mom is going to get the eye makeup remover for my sister.

I like the idea about books or books on tape/cd. I just don't know which ones to get for her. If I could, I'd get a basket from Beth, but I don't think my sister is into the kind of things she carries, and I can't spend that much money right now. I'm still hoping to go over to visit at some point, so I gotta save my money for that.


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