Sunday, August 20, 2006


Watching a show called "Camp 9/11: new heros for tomorrow" or something like that. That's the sort of thing I should avoide like the plague, but get sucked into in 2.3 seconds. I would sit watching it and just cry and cry. I mean really, what's a faster way to induce tears than listen to kids talk about their parents who died, many of them trying to save others?!?!? (the commercial showed a kid of a fire fighter).

Luckily I work 1-930 this week, so I won't make myself watch an hour of crying on TLC. But feel free if you want to torture yourself...


Chelle Y. said...

I have not even heard of that show yet. I am sure I would cry too!

Mary said...

We watched part of Flight 93 the other night, maybe 15 minuts, and I had tears 3 seperate times. I just can't even think about that.


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