Wednesday, August 16, 2006

I hate getting yelled at.

Happened twice in 2 days.

Yesterday we had a patient that was to be transfered to a different hospital. We had done a number of studies on him over his week stay in our hospital. The final one yesterday was just a chest x-ray to confirm his central line was placed correctly in his heart.

When I went down to take the picture, the nurses were talking about getting all of his studies on cd to be transfered. I said I could do it, then they wouldn't have to bug the 'master librarian' cuz I like being helpful. I told them as soon as the chest x-ray was online, I'd get the CD made and bring it down.

Fast forward about 30 mins. Get the CD made with all the x-rays that had been taken, plus a CT study and a fun fun fun barium enema. I hand deliver it to one of the three nurses that had been with him while he was waking up. I say "Here is the CT, BE, and all the x-rays we took for Mr xxxx" She says "okay"

About 30 mins later we get a call pissily asking where the films are. I said I took them down. Then they call Denise, the film librarian. She AGAIN tells them I made the CD and delivered it. They call AGAIN. "She's SURE she took it to recovery, not surgery, not out patient surgery, but recovery?" YES I'm not a fucking moron.

Dan was tired of the arguing, so he said "let's go down and talk to them." We get down there and I point out the lady I handed it to.

"I gave them to her. She was sitting right here at this desk"

"You didn't give me anything" wha??????

"Yes I did. I handed you the disk and said 'here's the CT, BE ect ect'"

"You mean the CD has the x-rays on it?"

"Yeah, just like I said"

At this point Dan turned and walked out, he was too pissed off at her stupidity to even stick around.

"Oh I thought you had actual x-rays." Mind you we've been digital since November. So 2/3 of a year they've been doing transfer x-ray, CT, MRI, everything on CD.

So aggravating. And really this lady is just a bitch. She got me all riled up. One time she was asked by a tech who came down to do a post-op hip x-ray, "which patient is it?" (they have 5 beds in the room)

"The one who just came out of surgery." No shit. Really? You mean patients in recovery come out of surgery?!?! She's just a bitch.

Wow that got really long. I must still be pissed off...

I'll make this story shorter ;)

Today I got yelled at because I broke the sterile field in the OR. BIG huge BAD mistake. Not cool. My caboose brushed up against the towel that was draped on a tray. Technicially anything hanging over the edge isn't sterile, but I'm not going to argue ;)

The scrub tech was like "You just hit my tray! You have to watch where you're going. Always give yourself atleast 18 inches all around"

I apologized profusely, it was totally my fault, then the nurse said "Now my tools aren't arranged all pretty" because she had to change the towel out from them, since everything else was still sterile.

I took the oppertunity to say "Oooh sounds like it needs a chocolate remedy"

And everyone started laughing and said "yep that sounds just right"

me: Luckily I have a bag of carmel kisses up stairs!

When I brought a little gift bag of them down to her an hour later, I think I embarressed her. I don't think she thought I'd bring them down...

So score one for me! All the other x-ray techs told me I didn't actually have to take any down, but fuck that. I'm not getting on anyone's bad side when I still have 7.5 months left there...

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Chelle Y. said...

Yum, chocolate caramel kisses would make me happy too! In fact, I could use some just about now.b


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