Sunday, August 13, 2006

Five year olds

Today was not good with my five year old. It was a struggle to get him dressed "Jakey doesn't want to wear pants" "No Jakey doesn't want those shoes" ect ect ect. Then he was with Papa for a few hours at church and for lunch.

Tom and I show up and he turns in to kid on crack. Running around, throwing stuff, saying no, the whole talking in 3rd person shit, and finally he spit at Tom. Trying. Not. To. Lose. My. Temper. Didn't work.

I picked him up by his shoulders (he has swim trunks on and nothing else) while he was kicking and screaming and throwing a mighty fit over swim time being done due to him saying NO NO NO and spitting (AGAIN!) at Tom. I picked him up too hard. He has (or had 3 hours ago) a red mark right on his armpit crease. I feel soo badly about this. I didn't think was being too forceful. I was just trying to remove him from the situation. It makes me sad I was holding him that roughly.

Before the above incident, we went grocery shopping, just him and me, and he was a perfect angel. But as soon as we got back to my parents house and met up with Tom and Clara, he went ape shit.

I don't know what to do. We tried to do fun activities, refilled the pool, played baseball, had a waterballon fight, he helped me with the shopping, got computer time, but then out of nowhere had these melt downs.

Anyone have any advice or input? I'm struggling with this because I already feel like I'm on the run 100% of the time, but I can control my little cutie 5 yr old.


Chelle Y. said...

(((Mary))) I wish I could give you some advice, but I would not know what to do either.

If it makes you feel any better, Brendan had a meltdown at the waterpark last week. I went to grab his chin to make him look at me, but he was wet, so my hand slipped to his neck. He had a red mark there for awhile. I felt horrible, but at the same time so frustrated.

Here I was trying to do something nice for him, and he was being a pain. You are not alone, my friend!

Have a great day!

Tink said...

((Mary)) I don't think there's a Mom alive who hasn't accidently handled their kid too rough. My Mom had her hands full with my two little brothers. She tried everything... Taking away toys when they were bad, timeout, spankings, removal from fun activities. All I can say is that they're wonderful and respectful young men now. You will get through this too.

Mary said...

Chelle thanks for making me feel not alone in this raising kids stuff. I still feel badly about it, but since he hasn't given up the whole "Jakey doesn't want to...." crap, I'm slightly less guilty feeling.....

I just need to remember he's still my little guy.

Tink I'm glad your brothers are great kids--makes me feel better. It's hard being a parent sometime, but I just need to remember how many billions of people have done it before me...


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