Monday, July 24, 2006

Monday Monday

I swear we were on an epidsode of ER or Trauma Life in the ER today. From when I got there at 8:45 (I'm always early :) til 12:15 it was go go go. Started off with a round of in patient portable chests and abdomens, then got the overhead page to the ER for trauma series. There was a car accident with 3 occupents sent to our hospital.

I was able to get alot of hands on trauma experience, something that is pretty hard to come by, due to the small size of our hospital. I'm not sure how many times I ran up and down the stairs at various points during the day, hopefully enough to burn off the Cookies n Cream candy bar I just ate...*blush*

After having such a slow time the last 2 weeks, day perked me right up :)

It's still been super hot here in Oregon, but tomorrow is supposed to be about 10 degrees cooler, only 89 instead of 101. That will be nice.

Have I ever said how much I love cinnamon raisin toast? I could live off of it. So yummy. That's all I had for dinner plus the candy of course ;)

nighty night!


Chelle Y. said...

I hope things were a little less hectic today, then yesterday. You made me tired just reading about it!

Pink Rocket said...

oh i loved crazy busy days! otherwise i sat there!

mmm cinnimon raisin grandma used to fix that for us when we would visit. everytime i eat it, it reminds me of her so i give her a call to tell her i'm eatin' it!


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