Monday, July 17, 2006

A little bit about our trip

I'll never get my pictures off of my sister's laptop at this point, so I'll just blog about it minus pics.

I got there at about 1130pm on 7/3. Everyone had just gotten home from the trip up to Iowa for the family reunion. My dad and the kids, plus me, were staying with my Aunt Ellen instead of my grandma, which is a VERY good thing.

On the 4th we had a BBQ for lunch/dinner after my aunt made a HUGE breakfast/lunch. The kids swam in the pool and had a good time.

On the 5th we left for bunker hill ranch, after having our first Sonic experience, as they don't have them in Oregon. But they play the commercials non-stop on cable channels like TLC and discovery. Bunker hill is located about 3 hours south of St Louis in the northern part of the Ozark Mountains.

We were at Bunker Hill until the 9th. In that time we did a huge amount of canoeing and kyaking, the kids swam, and the bigger kids (okay Jake plus all of the men) fished. We played ping pong, mini golf, the ring toss, and walked around alot.

Bunker hill is like a family camp, but with no planned activities. They have stuff to do, but not 5 days worth. I went to the evil empire (walmart) EVERY SINGLE DAY because everyone forgot multiple things. Atleast that was an hour and a half of my day each day. Plus there was a sonic and mcd's by the walmart, so I got my diet coke.

The food at bunker hill was good. They serve a hot breakfast promptly at 730, a hot lunch at 1230, and of course a hot dinner at 530. Surprisingly enough, I didn't gain any weight while we were there, which is good cuz I lost 6 or 7 lbs the week before I left.

Jake got 3 ticks over the course of the trip, only 1 at bunker hill. Clara got her first leech at bunker hill. Thank God for Aunt Marissa who lives near Lake of the Ozarks, so she was all level headed and stuff.

We got home Sunday afternoon to my Aunt's house, and then left Monday afternoon. I got to spend a little time Monday with my Aunt Debbie and Uncle Ed, and grandma, because my plane left 3 hours later than my dad/sis/kiddos flight did. That was good I guess. I hogged the convo talking about school. YAY me ;) Then my grandma gave me another check for daycare for the month of July. That's cool. She didnt' want to be corrected about it, so I didn't.

Now we've been home for a week, but it seems like 10x's longer than that. Jake wants to go back to bunker hill "later this summer." I think he'll be really lucky if we can go next summer. My grandma is NOT doing to well. Her memory is quickly fading :(

Sorry this is all long and disjointed, as you probably know by now, I can't write/tell a story. hehehe. So deal with it.


Chelle Y. said...

I liked your story just fine and I am happy you had a nice trip.

I know what you mean about it seeming like 10x longer since you got back. When we came home from Corpus, the trip seemed like a "lifetime" ago. Maybe it's because I was in the car for four days straight! Haha!

Sorry about your grandma. She seems like a sweet person. My grandma does not even know who I am, and she is still one of my favorite people in the world.

Mary said...

I couldn't imagine being trapped in the car with my kiddos and hubby for 4 days. EEEEEKKKKK. Atleast you had a really good time in TX.

I think it's just hard when people age. She's been not too hot since she had her open heart surgery 4 (or was it 5) years ago. She was put under for almost 10 hours which I guess it pretty hard on older folks.


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