Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The coolest chick I know

In case you were wondering who it is, it's Shanna banana. You probably already knew that though. I went up to visit her again this last weekend. I took the kiddos with me so they could play with Jerrett. Jerrett was so excited to see Jake and Clara and came running down the hall calling their names. It was really cute :)

Apparently Jerrett had *insisted* on making goodie buckets for Jake and Clara, which they loved. So much fun stuff in there, little candies and bubbles and coloring books. He had a matching one for himself, so they all had fun stuff to play with.

Oooh and my new bag that Shanna made is perfect. I LOVE IT. I had picked out this blue and green fabric, and she alternated the 2 in the bag and all the little pouches she made. It's perfect for work, and everyone is jealous of it there ;0)

It makes me sad that one day Shanna and Jerrett will move to where ever their life leads them next. Shanna is so easy to talk to, such a good person and an AWESOME mom. She is literally the perfect hostess.

Thanks for having us up chickie :)


Chelle Y. said...

It's nice to have friends like that.

Pink Rocket said...

aww! now you made me all teary! that was so sweet of you to say!

Mary said...

Well you rock Shanna :)

and Chelle I wish I lived closer to you, you are such a kind, caring friend!!


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