Saturday, June 24, 2006

they made it

The kiddos made it safe and sound to St Louis. I was stressed about the whole plane flight deal. But they are there, and I feel much better. I'll join them next Monday.

Tom and I went to pick up the pictures we had done at picture people last night. A couple of them turned out really cute. Clara was acting like a little model, and Jake was trying so hard to follow the specific directions, it was cute :) It was intersting to see the difference between my favorites, and Tom's favorites. We ended up with 6 full poses, plus a few extra sheets. Good thing the grandma's wanted to pay for it all ;)

I'll try to post some pics later.

I drank too many cosmos and I'm tired. Off to bed.

1 comment:

Pink Rocket said...

i was at the picture people last week! darn! i should've waited!

glad the kids made it safely...


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