Sunday, June 25, 2006

Can you tell the kids were gone?

My last 24 hours.

OPEN DOOR sex. Ask EE, this is big.

Stayed up til 2am playing cheesy puzzle games online.

Woke up at 8am, read the paper in bed for an hour.

Slept from 9-noon.

Got up, got dressed, checked my email.

Went to 3 scrapbooking stores, a quilting store, costco, and finally had my first meal of the day at 3pm (subway, not very good).

Went grocery shopping with my friend. Bought $45 worth of stuff, 1/2 healthy, 1/2 crap.

Went to 3 health food stores looking for this soy chai latte stuff. Didn't find it :(

Had honey glazed beef jerky, pirates booty, and chocolate peanuts, toffe peanuts, and yogurt raisins. For dinner. Made me want to vomit.

Tom finally got home from his bike ride (he was gone for about 14 hours). He was covered in salt. Can we say dehydrated?

Both took showers and had hot sex again.

Now he's asleep, I'm bored, and there is nothing to do.

I'm drinking a Peels malt beverage drink. I believe Tink posted about them sometime ago, but I dont' remember. It's okay. I'm having a pear lemon. Maybe one of the other flavors will be better, I got 4 different kinds.

I talked to Jake and Clara 3 times today. I miss em already.


Pink Rocket said...

pirates booty?? does that go with the open door sex???

Mary said...

no, no sex play..hehehe.....

pirates booty is this kick ass organic snack food stuff. I thik it's like corn and rice. I get the aged white cheddar flavor. It's yummy. It's like cheese curls/cheetos but not nearly as bad for ya.


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