Monday, June 12, 2006

Sleep? Who needs it.

Today I worked 1-930 because Jacob and I had dental appointments. Tomorrow I work at 830am. It's midnight. I already laid in bed for almost 45 minutes. I was almost asleep at one point, but then Clara woke me up. AFter that I was wide awake. It's too hard to switch back and forth between shifts. Atleast the rest of the week I work 830-5.

I like being the only student there. Ebony is gone, and Mike is off this week. That means more shit for me to do! YAY! I did 23 exams, normally I do about 15. I even skipped out on 2 or 3 because I was feeling lazy.

Did another broken wrist. This kid was so cool though. He was 5.5 and his mom worked at the hospital. he broke both the radius and ulna from trying to jump off a swing, but the swing went backwards, and he fell straight down. He'd already had pain meds by the time we got him, and then he didn't cry at all!! They should do that for all kiddos w/broken bones....

The whole time I was with him, I was thinking of Carrie's son who just had virtually the same break yesterday. That kiddo has had way too many breaks.

Gonna try the sleep thing again, maybe this time I can pass out.....

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