Tuesday, May 16, 2006

busy busy

The last 2 days at 'work' have been sooo busy. They've blocked off the store room and started demolishing it on Thursday. It's loud and a PITA, requiring us to take patients WAY out of the way. Plus they got rid of 2 of our dressing rooms....so we have 2. For now. 1 more will be dissapearing soon. Great, eh?

Add to it, the collimator light in our trauma room is burnt out. The collimator light is what we use to position with, it shows us where the x-ray tube is aimed. That pretty much renders that room useless. Now you would ASSUME that hospital maintance would keep LIGHTBULBS in stock. Suprise, they don't. Granted they are specialty, and each brand and type of machine takes a different light, but they are tiny. Keep some in stock! Jeez.

I've been trying to be good eating. Not doing the best, but atleast I'm writing everything down. Even if it's not pretty. Oh and I'm drinking water too. Still struggling with the exercise part, but my feet are killing me and I get home and just want to play at the park with the kiddos. Not go jogging or drive to the gym.

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Chelle Y. said...

I hear you about the gym thing. It has been so hard for me to get motivated lately. My working out partner quit, and I hate going alone. I really need to start up again.


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