Monday, April 17, 2006

First day

Today is my first day down at the hospital. I'm really nervous.

Easter was pretty good. We didn't make it to church because we had to be at the inlaws by 1145ish, and they're an hour away. It was nice at mil's dad's house. It was just us, Tom and Pris, Grandpa Ross, and Tom's brother Scott and his girlfriend. We were there a good 2 hours, which is much longer than we normally last.

After that we went to see Grandma Jeanne. She was doing okay, but it kind of suprised me that she was home alone. Tom and I decided she needs a pet of some sort. It was nice talking to her about school-she used to be a nurse and Al had been a Dr-but the kids started getting really hyper, so we left after about an hour.

Of course we saw our parents after that, well mainly my dad because my mom went to a movie with a friend, but my brother came down, and of course my still living at home sister was there. I ate WAY too much roast beef. I love roast beef.

OkayI gotta keep moving, I'm all antsy and I don't even need to leave for 30 minutes.

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Pink Rocket said...

I'll comment on this post since there's 2 of the same!!

I hope that you had a great day at the hospital!


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