Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Why can't it be Friday night already? I am so fucked for both of my finals tomorrow.

The first is equipment and maintance which will be 75% from this term, and 25% from last term. It will include such enthralling subjects like filters, developing film and the chemicals involved, digital imaging, manipulating digital images, automatic exposure control, mammography, fluroscopy, MRI, CT, PET, nuc med, vascular imagin, way too much fucking stuff.

The second is over positioning 4, which is the skull and trauma. So it'll include all the cranial bones (all 8 ;) and all the facial bones (14 ;) (I KNOW those will be questions....), plus all trauma, and review from last term. It will be a miracle if I can keep all of the positioning lines straight, and the different angles for the different views. Makes my stomach hurt just thinking about it.

I have to retake my test taking. I fucked myself over on Tuesday. Tomorrow instead of answering all the Q's in the guide, then transfering to scantron when I'm done, I'm going to fill out the scantron as I go. Then I won't start reanalyzing any of the Q's I don't want to. When I do the guide frist, then scantron, I make myself re-read the Q's, and I start second guessing myself, causing major problems.

I still don't know what to do about Jake. Things have been really bad lately. It seems like Janet.
is the most put together person I know, and is an awesome mom. I remember her talking about the love and logic series, so I decided to buy some books. Janet if you read this, I may be emailing you and bugging you if I have questions....Something has to change, I feel like I all I do is yell at the kids, Jake willfully disobeys, pushes buttons, ect, and I feel so guilty :( Makes me feel like a really really shitty mom. Hopefully I'l get the books and cd's soon, so I can have an enjoyable spring break with the two monkeys.


mama_tulip said...

I'm sorry you're having a hard time with Jake...I have a friend who has a 4-year-old and she's at her wits end with him too, so you're not alone. And just last night I made a comment to Dave about Julia's budding attitude; I weep for the future.

Hang in there Mary, you're a great mom. :)

Lisa said...

Based on reading what Janet (and I think Kellie) say about it, I just ordered some Love and Logic books too. Dylan is definitely starting to develop some unattractive tendencies and I want to "nip it". Maybe we can figure this stuff out together.

Mary said...

4 yr olds are no fun. Atleast right now. And Clara has been a little punk lately too.
thanks Kath :)

Lisa I'll blog or post on the board about it, once I get the stuff and start reading/listening. I have next week off of school, so I'm hoping to get through it all then.


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