Thursday, March 16, 2006

One more day!

I'm so excited tomorrow is Friday. I completed my 2 hardass tests today. No fun. But I'm a super fast test taker, so for both, I got done first, with one either girl shortly after me. And then no one else for 15 or 20 mins. That's always the way it works. The one girl I hate asked if I was a speed reader. Uh no, I just don't ponder on tests. I'm very methodical in my test taking ;)

Tomorrow I have my last practical, this one over the cranial and facial bones, plus trauma. I don't even care anymore. I had 1 film thrown out yesterday because I forgot to reline the cassette up to the central ray after I put an angle on it, so the image (the sacrum) was way up on the top, and my marker got thrown off the film. IF you don't have a marker, the film is a repeat :( So that was 30 points. I think I got a 78ish%. I don't think there was anyone who got both films accepted, everyone had atleast 1, if not both films tossed. If you got both tossed, the best you could get was 70%...

Clara funny.
me: Clara why did you wet the bed?
Clara: because
me: but you're a big girl!
Clara: but Jacob does (he does wet the bed quite a bit more than she does)
me: but he didn't this time (it was about 5am, and I was trying to get her back to sleep)
Clara: But he's gooooiiinnnng toooooooo.

She sounded like such a little snot. But I couldn't help laughing. Luckily Jake was still out cold, so he didn't get upset.

Jake funny.
my dad was reading Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs to Clara, while JAke was kinda listening and playing with his swords.

my dad: Look the pancake covered the house
Jake: Jesus
my dad: what did you just say?
Jake: um Jesus
my dad: are you praying?
Jake: no that's a big pancake.
me(snorting I was trying so hard not to laugh)
Jake: why are you laughing mom?
me: um I saw a funny picture online


Denise said...

I was always a fast test taker too. Like you, I'd second guess myself if I re-read it, so I just took and was done.

Good luck!

Tink said...

Great kiddo conversations! You should post those more often :).

Congrats on being done with your tests. Now relax and enjoy your weekend.

Mary said...

Thanks Denise! I'm so happy to be finished now :) Well for a week. Still have a year left ;)

Thanks Tink--my kids crack me up everyday, but I do n't always remember everything they say, and I'm not good at setting it up Kath or Alien are.


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