Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I did today

1. Forced myself to get up in time for school

2. Only got my diet coke, not a candy bar, at the gas station

3. Discretly finished my radiobiology assignment during class, yet still contributed to the discussion

4. Got in to a debate over the schematics (sp??) of tv monitors, video cameras, and how they work in the context of fluoroscopy exams. And I was right alot of the time. Silly boys, they need to trust me ;)

5. Spent a good hour sorting out my scrapbooking supplies

6. Started on my PET scan handout about an hour before I had to leave to get the kids

7. Decided I'm a stoopid head for not spear-heading this damn project myself. There is so much missing from it, and I'm angry about that.

8. I had to practically drag Jacob from daycare because they were watching a robot movie

9. Gave in to requests for McDonald's for dinner

10. Kept myself from vomiting after eating, even though I still feel like it, and I was good and had a grilled chicken salad

11. Drank 100 oz of diet coke already today

12. Started 1 whole load of laundry in the 3 hours I was home

13. Looked at my just recieved swimsuit about 100 times, but still haven't tried it on yet

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