Friday, March 03, 2006

Not so great day

  • Started the day off way too early (5:45am) after staying up til almost midnight working on my project.
  • Got to school at about 7:15 to get ready for our presentation. The last person in our group didn't show up until 2 or 3 minutes after class started. So much for any last minute ideas.
  • The presentation went fairly well. I was so nervous. I HATE that. You'd think that after almost 6 months with the same class, it'd be no biggie, but it was. I think the teacher was impressed, and I was able to answer all of her questions afterwards, except for safety issues regarding CT scans. Yeah safety wasn't my area, but the safety guy had already flubbed enough up.
  • Didn't realize until after I TOTALLY fucked up doing a orbit shot, that the teacher was freaking video taping us, not taking still pics. She had a little camera like mine, that does video and stills. Tried to not cry because I was already so flustered just having her sit there with a camera pointed at me, the thought of that being recorded. Ugh.
  • Find out now that they talked to the other students (not sure if all of them, or just some) about their videos. Apparently mine was so horrendous they didn't have anything to say. OKay maybe I'm just exagurating, they might have just run out of time. Either way, it's making me feel slightly ill.
  • AAAANNNNNDDDDD the one fairly good thing, atleast it made me smile when I got email from my physics professor: Yes, I've noticed that (not a surface learner); I'm impressed with your questions and how you really want to learn the material. That means someone thinks I'm not retarded--YAY!!!
  • now I'm off to a scrapbooking crop--I think I deserve a little me time.


Pink Rocket said...

aww! hope the scrapbooking helps to cheer you up a bit! i'm sure it wasn't as bad and you thought it was! you're probably just being hard on yourself

mama_tulip said...

Enjoy your 'me' time, dude. You deserve it!!

Carrie said...

You most definitely deserve a little me time!

Mary said...

Well I had alot of fun. Did a whopping 3 whole pages, but there wasn't much space, so it kinda sucked. I also only spent $25 while there, when 3 people bought these new cutting thigns that were $200 each. I was shocked.

had fun, and that's all that matters, right? :)


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