Monday, March 13, 2006

Finals this week

Tomorrow I have my PIII final which will mainly be over the cervical and thoracic spine, plus lumbar and pelvis. Then I have a pharmacology test. I'm not TOO stressed out. I know I'll pass both classes, but I'd like to keep my A in Pharmacology, and I'd have to really kick ass to get an A in PIII.

Wednesday I just have my PIII practical. Thursday I have equipment and maintanence final, and written PIV which is mainly the facial bones, plus skull and trauma. Friday I just have the PIV practical.

Can't wait for Friday afternoon!!!

I went to my clinical site today for an 'interview' and tour. Between George, who will be overseeing me, and Jim, the lead tech, I barely got a word in edgewise. I think I'll have fun there. My biggest issue will be being agressive. But I know that going into it, so hopefully that will help. Oh that, and the whole blood and seeing broken bones. Um yeah. Good thing I really thought this through before I signed up.......heheheh

Normal is good, right? Cuz I gotta say my family is fucked up. I feel I'm one of the only normal ones. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother. We can discuss my parents at a later date. I'll preface this by saying I have nothing aginst drinking, or smoking pot. It's been a long time since I partook, and don't have plans anytime soon. Everything is good in moderation.
  • My eldest (1/2) sister lives in Englad with her girlfriend. She's still not divorced from Mike, and they have a 5 yr daughter. The amount of drugs, legal and not, that she does is amazing. Suffers from depression, narcolepsy, and is just straight up wack.
  • My brother is 30 and lives in Portland. Hasn't had a job since December, but he re-fied his house, and payed a few months mortgage, so he's somehow getting by. Denies any depression issues and self-medicates with alcohol and pot. Is scared of commitment because he "doesn't want to end up with someone like my mom."
  • My next sister is 27 and lives in DC. In her first year of residency to be an anestheiologist. The smart one in the family. I don't think she's ever even TRIED any drugs. Married a boy from Romania she met on a mission trip there. Yeah, you can gag now if you want.
  • Then there is me ;)
  • My little sister is 23. Lives at home. Smokes enough pot to get 10 high school boys high, everyday. "Attends" school at WOU, in the, get this, Criminal Justice program. According to her myspace profile, has done 8 different drugs. I only know about the pot, coke, and meth. Anyone want to help me fill in the rest? Oh yeah, doesn't have her license, spends every single day at a dive bar, spends money she doesn't have, yet wants me to take her to school. Also suffers from depression and her Dr doesn't see a problem with the anti-depressants she's on, and smoking excessive amounts of pot and getting drunk every night. If the meds were indeed working, wouldn't she not be doing that as much??
So can you see why I feel normal? I'm like a good one! Atleast second from the top, after the Dr, right?!?! YAY for me! hehehe

And apparently myspace is becoming a family event. Everyone except the Dr has an account, and it's scary. I think lil sis doesn't realize when she posts those meme's thru the bulletins, I get them. I DON'T WANT TO KNOW THAT SHE LIKES FUCKING AS MUCH AS MAKING LOVE.

nighty night.

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mama_tulip said...

That last sentence killed me.

Good luck with your finals.


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