Saturday, January 21, 2006


Sorry for not being faster Kath, Jake has been hogging the computer all afternoon.

He ended up getting home at about 145. Apparently they did 55 miles instead of the normal 30-35. Plus a road was closed due to flooding, so they had to go around. Apparently he heard his phone ringing, but was on a highway and didn't want to stop. Then he forgot.

I started crying as soon as he got home. I think he was kind of bewildered. But I didn't realize how stressed I was, I suprised myself by getting that upset. The new rule is he will send me an ICQ telling me how far, and the approx route they are taking, so I'm not completely clueless.


Pink Rocket said...

I'm glad all was ok with the hubby. I too get very worried when my hubby doesn't come home when he's suppose to. I call and get his voice mail which just freaks me out even more. I even went as far as having his boss go make sure he was okay! Mind you he's in Kuwait and it was like 5 a.m. when I had my MIL call his boss to see if he made it home in time. It turns out he had just gone to sleep...while I sat here worrying he was smeared on the side of the hwy. some where.

mama_tulip said...

That's a good rule. :)


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