Saturday, January 21, 2006

I'm worried.

Tom goes bike riding Saturday morning with the owner of a bike shop, and usually another person or two. Most days he's back by 1030ish. It's already 12:15 and he's not back, not answering his cell, and I just called the bike shop and the guy there hasn't heard from Mike, the owner, yet. He thought they just probably went on a longer ride since it's not raining, but Tom would have heard his phone and called back. I know he's not out of area cuz it wasn't double ringing.

So happy thoughts that's he's just being an ass and going on a longer ride than planned. And he didn't think I would be worried about all the stupid head drivers out there that don't give a damn about cyclists.

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mama_tulip said...

This is definitely not a post to not update us on...let us know when you hear from Tom.


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