Sunday, January 15, 2006

toilet talk with Clara

I learned today that they can't sing the poop it out song at school. It's a little cheer we do for Clara when's she's struggeling. It just goes: Poop it out, Poop it out, WAAAAAAAY OUT!!!! It's more of a distraction, so she'll stop getting upset.

Today as I was chillin' with her in the bathroom waiting for her to finish she said

"look mommy, little baby poops!"

"You're right, they're pretty little"

"now I'm going to make a mommy and daddy poop really big!"

I uh, guess you had to be there, but it was pretty freaking hilarious! I'm just happy she wasn't crying :)


Emily said...

lol...we still have those conversations with the boys....

But..well...we all boys like to talk about poop...(sigh)

mama_tulip said...

Dave made up a song to sing with Julia while she's pushing: "Poo come out, we miss you, poo come out...we miss you!"

And hey, it works. I'll take it. :)

Pink Rocket said...

Ah, yes...Jerrett has little baby poops, his friends as he calls then, and big Mommy and Daddy poops. For every pooplet we say how every many points for the splash. For instance, 2 turds, "Yea! 2 points! Score!" I know...issues...


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