Wednesday, January 25, 2006

No time

I had to take my sister to school both Monday and today. I think I bitched on Monday about how long it takes. The difference today is that I had class too. I left the house at 9:30 and didn't get to my school until 11:10. That's EXACTLY how I wanted to spend my morning, driving.

Last night instead of finishing my lumbar-sacrum worksheet, and writing up my critique on the L5-S1 spot, I went and saw Pride and Prejudice. Now don't tell anyone, but I've never see any previous versions, NOR have I read the book. Yes I suck, I know. But I thought it was pretty good. Though kind of a joke how they were saying Keira Knightly was not beautiful. And to get their point across, had her talk in a very odd way that was quite distracting. Like she has an underbite or something. Other than that, I liked it.

After I got home last night, instead of staying up til midnight or 1 finishing the above mentioned homework and watching Boston Legal, I went to bed. And then this morning, instead of waking at 630 to finish, I slept in until 845.

So maybe there WAS time, I was just a slacker ;)


Charlotte said...

I would love to hear about the L5-S1 spot if you have the time.

Mary said...

Hey Charlotte!!

Well all I really know about it, is how to image it. Nothing too fun. Is that where your back problems are?

Tink said...

Slackers unite!! You needed it. Therefore it was worth it. ;)


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