Monday, January 23, 2006

Monday Monday

Why the heck am I so tired? It's 3 minutes to 7, and I've had the last 3 days off. I SHOULD feel energized and refreshed, but I'm pooped.

I'm trying to write a little report on the article I posted yesterday. I hate writing. I'm also trying to memorize drugs 11-20 on the top 50 most prescribed drug list. Off the top of my head they are: Toporol XL, Xanax, ...., Zoloft, Zocor, ...., Advil, ..., ..., .... Not doing very well, am I? The teacher reads off the generic name, we have to write that, the brand name (listed above), and the category if falls in. I'm horrible at memorizing, because I'm the worlds biggest procrastinator.

We have our first midterm next week. It will be a written exam plus a practical exam over the proximal femur and pelvic girdle, the lumbar spine, the L5-S1 joint, and the sacrum and iliosacral joints. I'm not exactly sure how they are going to get 100 questions on just that stuff. The week following we have our midterms for Radiobiology, Equipment and Maintance, and the other positioning class. That one I'm worried about. It'll cover the cranial bones plus the nasal bone, and mastoids. And something else, but I'm not sure what--it's whatever we do this week. The skull scares me.

Tom is supposed to get his W-2 from work this week, and hopefully we'll get his retirement thingy this week too. I already got my 2 forms from school, and I have all the daycare info ready to go. Just need to get it all entered in :) We are in desperate need of money. Like I said before, thank God for my mom's credit card.

Dinner is almost ready, and I have tomorrow nights dinner all prepped in the crockpot, I'll just need to put it on tomorrow. Yay me. I never plan ahead :)


Veronica said...

Yikes Mary, midterms already???

Mary said...

Yeah already. I'm not sure why so soon exactly. We're not done until March 17th...Okay I just counted the weeks up. We are in school for 11 weeks per term. So it goes 4 weeks, midterm week, 5 weeks, final OR 5 weeks, midterm week, 4 weeks, final.

Time is FLYING by...not necessarily a good thing right now...

mama_tulip said...

The skull scares me too.

Good luck on your midterms next week. :)


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