Thursday, December 29, 2005

She's gone

It always throws my parents house into an uproar when ever my 1/2 sister, Gina, comes to visit. My mom had her when she was 18 and her father was a real winner of a guy. He passed away a couple of years ago, and maybe we could have a collective good riddance sighed.

Gina and my niece Margo, haven't been out here in 2 years. They live in England, Margo lives in the Richmond area of London with my BIL Mike, and Gina lives in Salisbury with her girlfriend Claire. Margo turns 5 next month, and has some anxiety issues, and possible autism. This trip out she actually let me take her places, and finally got around to actually looking me in the eye when we spoke. I'm gonna miss Margo, so I'm torn about all of this.

My sister is extremely selfish, and pretty much expects everyone to do things for her and whatnot. Gina has a lot of the same anxiety and depression problems that my mom has, so it's very trying when she's here. Especially since she comes alone and I'm not sure if she's really incapable of sole-y caring for Margo, or just to bitchy/lazy to, but she expects everyone else to do everything.

Everything is just so negative when she is here, and now she is gone. Well if she even makes her fucking flight. They didn't leave until 20 til 2pm, and her flight was at 322pm. And the airport is about 70-80 mins away. My mom had better not bring them back with her. (the reason they were so late was because my sister didn't even START packing until this morning and when I showed up at noon to say good bye, they were still pre-bath in their pj's. WTF. They should have been leaving my parents house by 1230)

Anyone else having a fucked up Thursday?


Di said...

well that sucks. I, myself am not, but I feel as though one might be coming. Pretty wasted day so far!

mama_tulip said...

Whenever I bitch about family Dave says to me, "You can pick your nose but you can't pick your family." That's a shame, isn't it? ;)

Today was a fucked-up day for me too. Oliver was in better spirits, but neither of them napped, of course on the day when Dave had to go out right after work. By 7pm I'd had it and Oliver was blowing a gasket because he was overtired. Good times!

Mary said...

Well I wasn't hoping anyone else was having a fucked up day. Di I hope yours turned out okay!

Sorry your day was crappy Kath-I hope by now you've got the munchkins in bed and that you're decompressing ((HUGS))

Janet said...

Sounds like a good day to me, to be sending her off;-) Hopefully she made the flight!

I am feeling a little down this evening myself. Not sure why, hope I shake it fast!

Melissa said...

I just wish today would be over. :(

Mary said...

Happy to report she DID make her flight, mainly due to my brother getting there early, so he made her hop out of the car and told her where to run to get in line, while he got the luggage and miss margo in. so all is well.

Melissa my day is over in 36 mins. I can't wait. Tomorrow is Friday. YAY

Mary said...

Janet I'm just glad you posted in your blog, I was missin' ya!

Emily said...

Yesterday blew for me too for some is a little better, but I think I am just in a

Glad she got off ok...maybe that will make today a good one for you ;)


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