Thursday, November 10, 2005


I am supposed to be in class today, but miss Clara let me sleep in til 830. I felt incredibly lazy, and didn't want to drive out to school. So I didn't go. I'll regret this later. My teacher posted our test scores for the digestive tract, I got 65.5/75, so an 87%. Wahoo!! That's about what I figured I did. Now hopefully I didn't totally flunk my quiz yesterday.

Clara was being a little cuddle buddy this morning. Well she is every morning. She ends up shoving her whole body under my arm.. In the process, since she does go feet first, my hair gets wrapped around her toes, and it's not THAT enjoyable on my end. But then I have my little snuggle bunny, and I'm happy. This morning she insisted on wearing underwear after she got up and went potty. She fought me about wearing a pull up to school, but 'agreed' with me that when she can stay dry for a whole day a school, she can wear underwear. I told her we'd practice with underwear when she got home.

Jake is really excited about tomorrow. I asked him if he remembered who was coming over and he shouted "Isaac!". That's his rescue hero buddy. That means tonight I need to get his room picked up and vacuumed so they'll actually have a place to play :)

I'm so frustrated. Jake and Clara are always saying cute little things, and I have such a hard time remembering them later. It really pisses me off, I was crying about it last night because I couldn't recall what Jake had said on the way to school. I can remember how to position an AP lordotic chest x-ray, but I can't remember what makes me smile about my little buddy :(

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Janet said...

I try to write down what they say immediately or I forget too! There is so much going on it is hard to remember everything!


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