Sunday, July 10, 2005

I had this brillian idea

It involved me, Jamie, Dawn, and Steven going to a bar and drinking. Not only drinking, but drinking ALOT. Who are Dawn and Steven, you may ask? Well it's along story. Dawn is Jamie's ex-husband's, ex girlfriend. Her daughter Christina calls Ray (the ex) dad, just like Amanda does. Even though neither girl is actually Ray's. Kind of an odd situation.

The idea was for Christina and Amanda to babysit Clara. That went fine. The problem was when Jamie and I got wasted. Luckily Steven was driving and he only had a couple of beers. Couldn't say he was sober, but much much much sober-er than the rest of us, so he drove. Dawn was drinking, and I think she was drunk, but I don't remember. I just remember not being able to walk or I'd vomit, and sitting or laying on the bench for quite awhile. Not too cool when it's a 200 lb drunk person. Need to lose weight before I get that drunk again, just out of consideration for those who are with me ;)

I made it home, luckily Clara was asleep (thanks girls!) and I was able to fall in to bed after getting a bowl for any sickies. What sucked ass was tht I didn't have sheets on my bed due to the bedwetter from the night before. Oh well. I lived. And I didn't puke. Yet. Still might happen, I haven't eaten anything yet. Just drank 1/2 a can of diet sprite.

So wasn't that a great idea?

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