Monday, January 04, 2010


Slept in on accident again today. Darn that keeps happening.

Didn't do a whole lot today. Made more progress on Clara's bedroom. I couldn't believe the crap I got from under Jake's bed. Like 40-50 dirty socks. I'm not kidding. That's where they keep going...He's not allowed to wear them to bed now ;-)

Got to go see how to pack my mom's wound. Yay. It's not gross, but thank God I'm not a wound care nurse or physical therapist. I wouldn't want to do this as a real job. My dad is leaving for St Louis in the morning, so I'm going to stay with my mom for 2 nights, and she'll need that done.

Tomorrow I'm going to bake some bread I think. I think some white sandwich bread, and some cheesy foccicia bread. I'll try not to eat it all myself.

PS the potstickers were not nearly so good reheated ;-)

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