Saturday, June 20, 2009

Not a morning person

For the most part, I'm digging this shift. I'm home by 730ish every night, I get along with the people I work with (with 1 sole exception, 1 day a week). It's good.

What's not good is getting up by 530am every morning. Luckily for me, Tom is nice and takes the first shower Thursday and Friday AM. So he's up at 510am, and I get to 'sleep in' until 530am. I can't get used to it. Doesn't matter if I go straight to be when I get home, I still drag in the morning.

Today I didn't get up until 555am. I need to leave by 615 drive at a safe speed and get to work by 655. Luckily I'm known to drive at unsafe speeds, so leaving at 625 wasn't the end of the world. But it didn't leave enough time for a stop by the DVD red box at safeway. Bummer.

Have I said lately how much I heart the Daily Show? Always makes me giggle.

On the home side, things are slowing down. School is out, baseball and t-ball are finished, the ballet recital is over, and birthday parties have occured. Bring on summer! We have lots of fun things planned on my days off (Sunday-Wednesday).

Right now William is visiting from Washington DC. He went to school with Clara the last 2 days and had a blast! He'll be here until the 30th, so we're trying to get lots of fun in before then.

We don't have any trips planned this summer. The next one up is Disneyland in September. I wish it was sooner! We're all excited about going again, though Tom thinks we might be going back too soon. I think 17 months is a nice amount between trips...We're staying at the Grand Californian again.

So that's about it. I'm going to try to update more often, but since I don't have a huge amount of readers, it's had to motivate myself ;-)


Susan's 365 said...

I'm still here and I check your blog regularly for updates. Glad to hear all is well by you.

Mary said...

Aww thanks Susan :-)

I'm bad...I read lots of blogs, but don't comment so much. I need to quit being a slacker!

Lisa said...

I read, but don't comment often.

Sarah M said...

After over a year of hating my job and finishing my useless BA in communications, I have decided to go back to school to do medical imaging (Ultra Sounds and MRIs). I just love your blog, it really opens my eyes to what I will face in the years to come.


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