Friday, December 05, 2008


So last night while I was driving home at 11pm, the moon looked really weird. It was super low in the sky, and bright orange. Like a harvest moon, but only a 1/4ish moon, not full. And then as I got closer to Salem, it freaking dissapeared. And I couldn't find it again. Damn vanishing moon. That or I was going crazy. While driving. Which isn't a good combination.

I had lunch with Jacob today. The chocolate milk was sour. YUCK. Someone needs to keep those lunch ladies in check. They aren't rotating stock or something, because the expiration date was today, but then when the kids went to get new stuff, it had a range of 12/10 to 12/17. Let's get a plan, lunch ladies, so this doesn't happen again.

I had a brief visit with a friend this morning. I haven't seen her in a good 10-11 years. We were really close for a few years in grade school, then kinda went our seperate ways. If I had bumped in to her, I would have known her immediately! She lives close, and is expecting her baby AND doing a large addition to her home at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking! She is an adorablely pregnant girly!

Next on the to do list is taking stock of the presents bought so far, and maybe starting on the wrapping. We'll see what happens. Dexter won't take a nap, and keeps whining, so we might be going for a walk BEFORE I get the kids, instead of after....

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amberlee said...

Awe thanks Mary, it was good to see you too!


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