Saturday, November 22, 2008

What did I do?

Somehow I ended up back at work. On a Saturday. For 12 hours. Smart, eh?

Tink apparently your magic kind of worked, because I felt well enough yesterday to agree to covering a shift. So Thank You, I guess. hehe. I actually don't feel very badly, but my throat is all scratchy,and my sinus' are full of crud. But *knocks on wood* I feel pretty good.

I don't have to work with creepy dude, so that's good. I would have gone crazy sitting in the same smallish sized room ALL DAY with him.

I'm listening to music the one way I've figured out how to do at work. It's on imeem. For whatever reason, it's the ONLY streaming/media thingy that works here. Everything else is blocked. I just don't feel like watching TV right now (we have a tv/dvd player in addition to the computers).

The kids are going to an art class this morning. They'll be making cinnamon dough ornaments this week, then painting them next week. I think they'll have a good time. It's for 6-10, but I think Clara will be more in to it than Jacob, plus she took a class this summer that was for 6 and up and it did great. I wish we had more art class options closer to home. They have an 8 week drawing class that I'm debating taking. It's only $50 and during the day, so I'd be able to go while the kids are at school. We'll see.

I still didn't make the Christmas book. I will. I still have a week. Just gotta make time... Does it count if I've been thinking about it alot??

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Tink said...

Well that wasn't what I wanted to happen! Stupid magic fingers.

Huh. Did that sound slightly dirty to anyone else?


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