Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Well we picked a name

And I'm already having second thoughts. lol.

Dexter it is. Or Dex Dex for now. He still doesn't respond.

He is doing exceptionally well with potty training and crate training. Most nights so far he's gone out around 10pm for potty, and not up again until after 5 (tom gets up at 530). He's gone potty inside ONE time, and it was my fault (didn't immediately take him outside after getting him out of his crate).

He is really clumsy, and thinks he's such a big boy. The kids really need to be better about letting him jump and play, soon he'll be able to knock them down.

He tries to bite EVERYTHING. Ahh puppyhood.

Not much else going on around here. Worked at my old hospital on Monday. That was nice to see everyone. Once again they tried to entice me to work there, but I told em it'd have to be a better shift than my current one for me to make the jump. Also that I would be willing to work 2-3 days a month, but probably not more than that.

Today I ended up working at the clinic I used to work at. 2 people were sick, so I just did a little shift for them to help out. Daycare is cheap this month, she's having a drop in special (only $10 half day, $20 whole day), so I decided to help em out

Tomorrow I work my normal shift for the rest of the week. Boo. I might try to see about going in late on Thursday or Friday...I don't have work 40 hours, I can work as few 36 if I want.

The kids are doing well with soccer. Jake cried twice twice. Once he hit his pinky or something, and the other he purposefully slide and hurt his leg. I made him walk it off. I was trying not to be the super mean parent, but holy shit he cries a freaking lot.

Just watched Weeds. Atleast there is SOMETHING not reality to watch this summer. Too bad it's only 1/2 hour episodes....

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Di said...

When my Cucui was a puppy she ruined so many things with the chewing. The worst was the cord to the TV


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