Thursday, July 31, 2008


Otherwise known as ALMOST AUGUST. WTF. Seriously.

The kids have 4 more full weeks of vacation left. I feel like we haven't done anything. We did go to St Louis for a week. And we've gone to the zoo once. But that is all.....

I think the next month we'll be doing more things because the Montessori school is closed, so Clara will be going to a daycare and it's ONLY on Thursday and Fridays. Same with Jake at the latchkey program. So we'll have 3 (unless my boss screws my schedule AGAIN, then 2) weekdays of just me and the kids. I plan on taking them to the zoo another time, and I want to go to OMSI as well.

My niece Margo gets here on Saturday (for those who haven't been long time readers, my sister Gina passed away last October, and her niece lives in England--we haven't seen her since flew home a few days after Gina passed). They won't be in town until Sunday, and they stay until the following Monday. I'm trying hard to get one of the days off next week while she's here, but might have a hard time with that.

I had lunch with the boss at the clinic I don't really work at anymore. There are some exciting changes in the works and if they actually all go through, I could have a different job soon. It wouldn't pay as much, but its right by my house, no nights, no weekends, no call, no holidays ect In other words, it would be bad news for my family if I were offered this position and turned them down....

I worked graveyard last night and it was okay. We were pretty slow. The ER was empty by about 1230, and then didn't have another patient til 2ish. And after that not til about 6. So I was able to sleep for about 2.5 hours. I came home and slept another 3 hours before going to lunch. I could fall asleep again right now--both dogs are passes out at my feet--but I'm gonna hop in the shower then get the kiddos.

We're going to a park with a splash pad for an hour or so. Then I'm having dinner with some of the girls that I work with. I bet I'm sleeping by 9pm.

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