Thursday, July 03, 2008

July 2nd

Work today flew by, so that was nice. Lots of chatting and laughing, makes the day a bit better. Messed up a few times, but I was able to fix my mistakes.

Got paid. We needed $, so that was good. But apparently I didn't play with my tax stuff enough, cuz I only got about $50 more than normal, even though my raise should have been about 100-115 more, plus I changed my claim from 0 to 1. I DID start contributing to the saving plan, but it only worked out to about $100 before taxes. I'm HOPING that the reason it was less than I expected was because maybe the w-4 hasn't gone through yet (I didn't fill it out until last Friday and payroll was rushed through monday AM because of the holiday...).

All of the sudden I'm TIRED, so I'm off to bed....

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